The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
— Marcel Proust


Hawaii Fine Art photographer Jason Bartimus might not have shelves full of trophies and accolades. He might not be featured in the world’s fanciest magazines and he might not be an influencer. However, he certainly has a passion that allows him to make visually stunning, and engaging images that viewers truly connect with.

Jason eventually set out to pursue his life-long passion for photography in 2010, opting to turn his hobby into a profession. His diverse portfolio includes, portraiture, landscape photography, macro and more, as he is never afraid to try something new and experiment with the craft. 

Jason’s visual appeals and powerful artistic chemistry lays in his habit of being able to depict his subjects under a new perspective, often adding a new depth and definition to even the most common places and objects.


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